Primary character
King Arthur
King Arthur

Occupation King of England

First Appearence


Splinters In the Knight


King Arthur is the eponymous king the show revolves around. He spends most of his time performing dangerous and seemingly impossible tasks for Princess Guinevere which often result in partial success as he always obtains the object he is sent to get but unsuccessful as the object is either lost or ruined on the way to or at Guinevere's castle. His most loyal subject and closest friend wizard Merlin, whom he often exploits and humiliates but ultimately loves.



He is shorter than all the other characters in the show apart from Sir Martyn who is about the same height. He has long, light brown hair which on regular occasions is set alight either from the odd stray storm cloud or one of Merlin's spells gone wrong. He wears golden shoulder and knee armour accompanied by his crown and golden coloured gloves, he wears an exposed red fabric tunic with no chestplate but wears a pair of metal platelegs.

Personality and portrayalEdit

In the show, he is often portrayed as rude, impatient and unintelligent, often coming up with 'ingenious plans' that end in disaster. One of his knights, Sir Lancelot is often out to kill him to claim the English throne for himself, along with another of his knights, Sir Martyn. But he is often completely unaware of this and it took several episodes for King Arthur to stop openly trusting Lancelot. Despite his arrogance he does often has a soft spot for his friend Merlin, as the the two have been known to care deeply for each other and in the face of danger would stop at nothing to protect the other. Ultimately the two share a bond far greater than any other character on the show,with knowing looks and secret smiles...